In the last decade, we have made tremendous advances with technology. It wasn’t too long ago that we had to wait several minutes for our dial up internet to connect us to the world wide web, or when we were using land line home phones with a cord attached to the wall. Now, we can video chat our friends and family with the push of a button. Of course, there are many reasons to be thankful for the incredible technological advances we have at our fingertips, but we do have to be careful with our usage, and be mindful of their effects.

“EMF” stands for Electro Magnetic Frequency. Common EMF radiation sources are cell phones, microwaves, Wi-Fi routers, smart meters, home computers, laptops, cell towers, and many other electronic devices. This radiation can be harmful to our bodies and to our overall health. According to prestigious scientists, doctors and thousands of studies, EMFs can cause disturbances to our nervous system and damage our cells. Our children are especially sensitive to the dangers of EMF radiation.

Some common symptoms of EMF exposure include but are not limited to:

-Neurological Disorders
-Tiredness and Fatigue
-Lack of Concentration
-Brain Fog
-Ringing in the Ear
-Changes in Memory Function
-Skin Burning and Tingling

THE GOOD NEWS is that there is scientific based & easy solutions that provide protection from these EMF radiation sources. So, where do we start?

One of the ways you can protect yourself from EMF radiation while talking on the phone is to use “Speaker Phone” feature. Holding your phone 1 foot away from your ear can reduce the amount of radiation your body is receiving. Another way you can protect yourself from EMFs is to turn your Wi-Fi off at night while you are asleep.

If you are really wanting to make a long term difference in your home to reduce the negative effects from EMFs, these earth based products from EMF Solutions are scientifically tested and proven to harmonize the subatomic chaos produced by EMFs.

To read the science behind how these products work, click here.

How do we know these products are effective?
-Muscle Testing
-Blood Microscopy Testing
-Mold Testing
-Thermal Imaging Testing

The first and most important step for protecting yourself and your home from EMFs is this Home Bundle which includes 1 XL Home Harmonizer that goes on your smart meter, 1 Better Zzzs to place under your bed for a better night’s rest, and 1 Device Clip to attach to your Wi-Fi router. The XL Home Harmonizer remediates outside EMF issues like Cell Towers, 5G, Satellites, Smart Meters, Power Lines, as well as in-home electronics. If you don’t have access to your smart meter or live in a condo or apartment, the Room Harmonizers would be best for you. 

The next step is personal protection from EMFs with the Cell Chip, Laptop Chip, Wrist Bands, Personal Cards, and Extra Device Chips for electronics in your home. 

With the rise of production and use of electric cars, it is smart to also protect yourself from the EMFs emitted while driving such vehicles. The Car Harmonizer remediates regular cars, hybrids, and electric cars.

*Note: These products do not block EMFs or cause electronics like your cell phone to not send and receive service, they simply harmonize the subatomic chaos produced by the EMFs and combat the negative impacts of the radiation. 

Using these scientific based and tested products proven to remediate EMF radiation can drastically improve your overall well-being. Here are some incredible testimonies:

“As a naturopathic doctor I use all the tools to support my family. However there were stubborn areas in our health where I was not seeing enough improvement. I purchased the total house remediation package to protect our family and I was pleasantly surprised at the results! After 45 minutes with all the products, an old chronic injury released and the tension I experienced daily has disappeared. My children (4 & 6) are sleeping through the night for the first time ever and my occasional sleep issues have resolved. I highly recommend these products!”
-Dr. Bridget N.D. (California)

“Since using these products, I have been sleeping and feeling much better. The tingling in my arms while holding my phone has disappeared. The whole house has a much better feel. I have more energy and my wife and I have started working out again with the better sleep and extra energy; it is much easier to accomplish goals. The products work great.”
-Ben (California)


“It’s been nearly six months since my husband and I received our bands. We are so impressed by the results. Within the first 24 hours after putting them on, the terrible tension in my foot and hip that I’d had for two months was completely gone, and by day seven my back tension was reduced quite significantly. My recurring head tensions are farther between with much less severity most of the time and I experience far less brain fog and much better cognition. We’re so grateful for these products.” 
-Louise (USA)

Reach out to EMF Solutions for a FREE Home Test You can rest easier knowing your home is a safe place for your family.