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If you are the parent, grandparent or care taker of children ages 0-10, we’re sure you’ve found yourself needing some inspiration, education, and support on your journey of caring for young kids.

There is so much information available to parents these days and it can be difficult to navigate the uncharted territory of parenting each individual child and their unique behaviors and needs.

As parents, we have the beautiful opportunity to be who we needed when we were young. We believe children deserve love, attachment, safety and positive discipline from their caregivers to live a healthy, emotionally intelligent life. Remember, to discipline means to teach, not to give punishment. As we teach our children and lead by example, they will grow and flourish with our gentle guidance.

We don’t have to hurt our children or give a load of punishments to teach them how to behave well. Kids behave well when they can. Dr. Ross Greene explains in his work that kids can make good choices when they have the tools to do so.

These tools from Generation Mindful provide educational visuals, games, and toys that nurture emotional intelligence through play and positive discipline.

Also called a “time-in,” this special space is a place for kids to reset their mind and body. The tool kit helps them name their feelings, regulate their emotions, and learn to use calming strategies. We use our Time In Tool Kit when one of children is overwhelmed, overstimulated, or behaving in unfavorable ways. In addition, it is helpful to visit the Calm Down Corner throughout the day to check in on our feelings and simply have some intentional relaxation.  

You’ll find these items included in the time in tool kit:

  – 6 illustrated posters for a Calming Corner

  – PeaceMakers Mindfulness Cards

  – My Feelings Card Deck featuring 32 different feelings (x2)

  – “What Can I Do” Activity Mat with 12 calming strategies

  – Digital Teacher’s Manual with printables

  –  20 National Standards Aligned SEL Lessons Plans (Digital)

  – 1 Heart’s Treasure Hunt Children’s Book

  – 1 SnuggleBuddies Plush with play instructions

These resources are also a helpful way for us parents to get the inside scoop on how our kids are doing. When our kids are showing unfavorable behaviors, there is a deeper issue going on that doesn’t always meet the eye. An unmet need or concern is oftentimes the culprit of negative behaviors. When we help our children understand their emotions and guide them through the ups and downs of childhood, they become more aware, communicative, understanding and resilient.

Our family can’t say enough positive things about Generation Mindful and the incredible regulation tools they give to parents and their children.

Together, we can teach our children about their emotions and nurture emotionally intelligent children. Check out these resources on the importance of Emotional Intelligence.

Create Your Calming Corner Here!


Thank you for stopping by & we hope this encourages you and your family on your parenting journey!