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Okay the title is a little first world, but seriously…

Work smarter not harder” has been one of our mantras lately. Being a busy family and having multiple young kids leaves little time and energy for cleaning up. 

Constantly, crumbs are left on the floor, tiny trimmings of paper fall on the ground as our kids learn to use their new scissor skills, and dirt gets tracked in from adventures outside. 

Studies show that clutter and messiness increase our stress levels. If we’re being honest, we really don’t have space in our lives for extra, unneeded stress. By the end of the day, the last thing we want to do as parents is vigorously sweep, vacuum and mop the floors, although they really do need a good cleaning on the daily. 

Here’s where our mantra “work smarter not harder” comes into play. 

We recently got a robot vacuum for our house and it is life changing. Like, for real.

Every evening while we do the kids’ bedtime routine, we turn on Ms. Clean (our robot vacuum’s name) and let her do her magic. It works on our hardwoods, rugs, carpets, and also has a mop option. It has a WiFi connection so you can control and monitor it right from your phone. When it is finished cleaning, it goes back to the dock on its own to charge. In our home, the vacuum is cleaning about 1,000 square feet every night and we end up cleaning out the dust bin every 2 or 3 days. It is SO nice to finish putting the kids to bed and have clean floors all throughout the house and we didn’t even break a sweat! 

If you are a parent, or you’re just a busy human who needs one less thing on your plate, this vacuum will be your best friend. Trust us, we’re speaking from experience 😉