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If you’re anything like us, you NEED coffee on the regular to get through the day, and especially that dreaded afternoon slump. On any given day we are most likely recovering from night wakings with the baby and early mornings with the kids. Most of the time we are in desperate need of a mental boost throughout our day.

When we got our foster baby (you can read about some of our journey with that here) that made a total of 3 young kids in our home. We were tired a lot, spending way too much money on Starbucks runs every week and it was draining our budget. We also don’t love that conventional coffee is one of the most heavily pesticide-sprayed food products to consume. We are really trying to eliminate toxins where we can, so this is important to us.

We decided to try out a Cold Brew Maker, and it has been so good to us! Here are some of our favorite things about our new kitchen addition:



It was a small investment to get this reusable cold brew maker and it paid for itself VERY fast compared to the amount of times we were going through a drive thru to buy coffee.


We wanted to find a cold brew maker that is made mostly of glass so that the coffee isn’t steeping in plastic, and that is one reason we ended up choosing this one. Also, when we make coffee at home, we use glass cups or stainless steel tumblers rather than throw away cups and that helps reduce the amount of waste we’re creating as a family.


No more worries about chemicals and pesticides when you choose organic coffee beans. One of our favorites is the Café Pajaro Extra Dark Roast from Trader Joe’s because it’s organic & fair trade. Another great choice is this Tiny Footprint Coffee Dark Roast from Amazon. We recommend getting whole beans and grinding to a course texture right before brewing for maximized freshness.  Once the coffee is steeped and ready to go, we add in a splash of organic cream and some organic sugar to make a totally organic energizing cup of cold brew coffee!


Pretty self explanatory but SO convenient! Especially these times we’re living in, it’s nice to have a fresh cup of coffee without having to get in the car and drive anywhere.

Honestly, there are so many positives it makes for an easy switch.

If you’re into hot coffee, here are a couple of our favorites depending on what kind of brew we’re into that day. 

 Pour Over

French Press


Thanks for checking out our coffee routine!
Now, grab yourself a cup & enjoy the day!